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The reason we founded Human Plus was not to create yet another charity. And it wasn’t because those responsible at Human Plus wished to fulfil their own desires. No. Human Plus was founded because all over the world there are people who desperately need help. And our job at Human Plus is to help these people. All members and partners of Human Plus have put their life and soul into this objective. They help through their personal commitment as well as by donating goods and money. Human Plus helps anywhere, Human Plus helps anyone. In the humanitarian aid sector, individual features such as skin colour, nationality, age, sex and family background must be completely irrelevant. Above all, our mission at Human Plus embraces two core tasks.

 Fast Aid

Human Plus helps victims of social, economic and war evils. The same applies to people who suffer distress as a result of natural disasters. Thanks to its lean personnel structure, Human Plus can act flexibly and individually without the often debilitating bureaucratic and administrative ties. Because when people are in distress, one thing is of tantamount importance: our help must get there fast.

Development Assistance

For us at Human Plus, however, our commitment in the area of development assistance is equally important as fast aid. We at Human Plus understand this to mean “Helping others to help themselves”. This is not just about financial or material assistance. In fact, we strive to make sustainable improvements to the local living conditions. In order to provide sustained aid, it is essential that educational opportunities be created, modern medical care be provided and, of course, that the government as well as the industrial companies in a particular country will support our cause in the long run. Because development assistance can only provide the initial spark!

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