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Human Plus: Why we are committed to Greece

The coronavirus paralyses all of Europe – and hits people with all its harshness. In terms of health and economy, entire nations are reaching the limits of their ability to cope with stress.

What applies to the whole of Europe is particularly true of Greece.

Greece has just been through a long and deep recession and has suffered significant losses of economic strength. And for the current year it is quite clear: COVID-19 ensures that tourists stay away, public life comes to an almost complete standstill – and that many emergency situations arise or become considerably worse for people.

Human Plus, as a committed, charitable organisation, helps people in need around the world – but is of course particularly attached to the home of CEO Anestis Ioannidis.

Hundreds of tons of medical-pharmaceutical materials, more than 200 intensive care beds for hospitals and health centres throughout Greece, as well as clothing and food in dozens of places, have already found their way to the country’s suffering people. Now – in the current corona crisis – all Greek compatriots and all people who feel a bond with Greece are particularly in demand:

Make a contribution and donate for Greece!

Only in this way can we continue our humanitarian work and provide Greece with targeted aid

Latest help for Greece

Dear Readers, Dear Friends of Human Plus,

Human Plus continues to support Greece during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering 2.5 million protective face masks.

Everyone’s life has changed due to the pandemic that affects everything and everyone.

Educational institutions are closed, workplaces have been lost or continue to function under unparalleled and difficult processes and conditions; concerts are cancelled, theatrical performances and football matches called off, or may only take place without audiences or fans. Social life within the community is severely restricted. At the same time, charitable and social institutions and structures, medical personnel as well as all systemically important institutions maintaining the chain of supply provide critical services in the whole of Greece — far above and beyond their personal and financial possibilities.

On Friday, 7 May, two Greek football players from our national team, Giorgos Giakoumakis and Anastasios Donis, visited the premises of Human Plus in Nettetal/Germany. Anestis Ioannidis, chairman and founder of the organisation, provided them with detailed information about the humanitarian work as well as the last delivery of a huge aid shipment to Greece 15 days ago by. Among other things, the shipment contained 2.5 million medical face masks to protect from the virus. The football players wanted to learn more about the work of Human Plus. They also wanted to participate in supporting Greece, same as their colleague, football player Panagiotis Retsos, who started supporting Human Plus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Those 2.5 million masks were provided and will be distributed to hospitals, health care centres, social institutions, security personnel, people in need, and generally speaking to all those who fight on the front lines throughout Greece — from Orestiada to Crete, and on all the islands.

Our players were very enthusiastic about Human Plus’s work, particularly in Greece. In their statements, they said:

“As professional football players, we are in the lucky position that we live in a better protected environment where we probably benefit from privileges that our fellow humans do not have.

Therefore, we feel that it is necessary for us to assume responsibility in these difficult times. Mutual support and aid at the present time are the high moment of our day. Every one of us can contribute to curbing the spread of the virus causing this pandemic to the best of their ability. Together, we can play our role in a swift recovery of Greek society and a return to normality.

Together with the Human Plus initiative “HELLAS CORONAERANOS” we want to help those people who help others, and who, by their contribution, attempt to guarantee that our society will emerge from the crisis different but also stronger, as it was before.” Human Plus has been supporting social institutions, people in need, and many structures in the health sector in Greece for more than 20 years.

Since the beginning of the pandemic crisis, the Human Plus initiative “HELLAS CORONAERANOS” has increasingly supported hospitals, clinics, health care centres, and people in need by providing medical devices, protective equipment, food, and hygiene articles.

Our national team players added: “We are fully convinced that if a larger number of people support Greece, our society will rise even stronger from this health crisis. We are grateful to those who support us financially so that we may aid our fellow country people”.

Mr Ioannidis added for Human Plus:

“Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people in need in Greece as well as the requirements of clinics and health care centres have increased on a daily basis.

With your help and the support of many other well-known persons from Greece who provide global support, we can now offer, in addition to food and clothes, protective clothing for hospitals and health care centres, adequate medical equipment for hospitals, and anything else required to improve the services offered to the citizens of our country as best we can.”

Mr Konstantinos Papazisis and the team of Athinaiki AG played a decisive role in implementing the initiative by again handling the transport of the products throughout Greece!

Anestis Ioannidis

“It is particularly important to us that the donations received are transformed into local help in the best possible way. This is what we have designed our extremely lean administration and our very direct channels for. I guarantee your help will get there, and fast.”

Anestis Ioannidis

Our supporters

Panagiotis Retsos

Mr. Panagiotis Retsos has been supporting us since the beginning of May 2020. He is a player for the greek national team and was a Bundesliga player at Bayer 04 Leverkusen. He currently plays in the Premier League at Sheffield United. With his and the help of other supporters, we will promptly support other hospitals and clinics where people with mental and physical disabilities are treated.

André Hommen

André Hommen – DJ, Produzent und Labelbetreiber – unterstützt uns aufgrund seiner Verbundenheit und Liebe zu Griechenland. Seine Veröffentlichungen unter internationalen Labeln und seine Zusammenarbeit mit Künstlern wie Ane Brun, Dennis Ferrer, Fritz Kalkbrenner und vielen mehr, führen ihn rund um den Globus. Auftritte in New York, Tokio, Bogotá, Berlin stehen bei ihm in der Tourplanung – aber kein anderes Land so oft wie Griechenland.

The friends of BENEFIZGALA

Our supporters also include the friends of BENEFIZGALA, who have significantly supported the first aid transport to Greece.

How and who we help

We have many years of experience and know how and to whom we use our donations for the benefit of the people worldwide, but also in Greece.

Here you also have the opportunity to receive aid specifically for your project. You can apply for help for charitable or social institutions We will then contact you for everything else. Private initiatives and commercial providers are excluded from this, we ask for your understanding.

Helping and donating – Human Plus ensures that every donation is well received

We will use your donations to purchase relief supplies in Germany and will ourselves ensure that exactly the required materials reach the right people in Greece. This is how we have been working for years in our humanitarian aid worldwide, drawing on an enormous wealth of experience.

Your donation arrives – Human Plus ensures that it does.
Show your solidarity with Greece.

It’s great that you want to help yourself!

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Human Plus e.V.

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Please enter “HellasCoronaEranos” as the reason for payment.

For donations of up to 200 euros, a bank statement or deposit receipt is sufficient as proof of donation.
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Human Plus e.V. will issue a donation receipt for amounts of 200 Euro or more.

Please inform us of your address in the intended purpose.

Many thanks for your support!

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    We only use the data you provide to process your request and contact you. Your data will not be stored longer than necessary and will never be passed on. Please also note our data protection declaration (see footer).

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    This is how the help from Human Plus is accepted

    “The management of the “BODOSAKEIO” hospital in Ptolemaida would like to thank the charity “Human Plus”, consisting of German Greek abroad and its president Anestis Ioannidis, who provided us with operational equipment (such as two electric hospital beds, four bedside tables, two blood collection seats) , two tables and six chairs for accompanying persons) and donated various consumables. Such actions by immigrant Greeks motivate us and give us strength to continue the fight against the Covid 19 virus. Your act really strengthens the feeling of patriotism and actually proves your love for home. You make us proud and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

    “We hereby inform you that the Board of Directors of THESSALONIKI GENERAL HOSPITAL “AGIOS PAVLOS” has accepted your donation in accordance with the above decision; and we would like to express our deepest thanks at this point. Your donation is the true proof of the high level of individual and collective responsibility that we should all demonstrate in this crucial and critical phase.

    We thank you very much for making a major contribution to overcoming the health crisis and preventing public health.”

    “On behalf of the board of the association “MAZI gia to PAIDI” (together for the child) we would like to thank you and all members of your organization for the friendly support.

    The two pallets of groceries and baby care products delivered directly to the “Ladies Union of Drama” will relieve many families (single parents, core families, large families) with infants and toddlers who have an even more difficult time in these precarious times.

    The donations that we have received so far from your organization are very important for the association “MAZI gia to PAIDI” (together for the child); and your support moves us and really gives us strength to continue.”

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