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Your donations and your support give us the strength and the opportunity to help people in need in a fast and efficient manner. In recent years, Human Plus has provided urgent help wherever people were threatened by social evils, catastrophes or war, both nationally and internationally.
As early as 1998, Human Plus e.V. (= registered organisation) has been involved in the area of humanitarian help. Already at this time, first aid projects were run together with partner organisations in Greece, and later also in other European countries. Scope and intensity of the assistance were increased year after year. Our donations of food and clothing have helped thousands of people in distress. But in order to improve the living conditions of people on a long-term basis, your financial support is essential.

Because only sustainable help is real help

In recent years, Human Plus has put many aid projects successfully into practice. Most of the projects are still ongoing because, while once-off activities help the people in the short term, they do not improve their living conditions on a sustainable basis. For this reason, we regularly donate food and clothing to facilities such as orphanages and children’s homes, hospitals, hostels for the homeless and prisons. In 2006 alone, Human Plus received approximately 120 tonnes of relief supplies in the form of bandages, food and everyday requirements and distributed them to people in need all over the world.

Current and implemented aid projects

At present, Human Plus is very active in Bulgaria, Greece, Jerusalem, Namibia, Romania, Tansania and, of course, in Germany. The aid projects initiated there some years ago are still ongoing. We provide all of these countries with relief supplies in the form of food and clothing on a regular basis.
Human Plus also helps the people who have fallen victim to natural disasters. Following the tsunami catastrophe in December 2005, we supplied essential goods to the people affected in Sri Lanka as quickly and efficiently as possible – all in all a total of 7.5 tonnes.

Aid projects at planning stage

Despite our many up-and-running projects, new situations constantly arise, where we wish to support people in need with your help. At the moment, Human Plus plans to acquire school buses and school equipment for Palestine, Israel and Jordan. In these conflict regions, children and parents alike are suffering from the ongoing political troubles. Clothing, bandages and medical equipment are also urgently needed there. Further projects in all parts of the world are at the planning stage and will be communicated as they arise.

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