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Introducing ourselves.

Human Plus is a registered organisation (e.V.) which, as a charity, provides humanitarian aid all over the world. The organisation of Human Plus is efficient and lean. Donations and relief supplies must reach the people in need quickly and not get stuck in the administrative apparatus of the organisation.
Human Plus always follows the maxim that “Any society can only be as good as the people who form it”. All the members of Human Plus share the same objective: to help the best they possibly can. But in order to do this, we need your help. Without your active and generous support it simply won’t work. Human Plus takes your donations to people in need all over the world. But still: you are the people who ultimately help! You can find out how to help by selecting the menu item “donator”. A sincere thanks from us in advance.

Of course you can get tax relief for all your donations – whether money or goods – in accordance with the relevant legal stipulations. At any rate, you will receive an officially approved receipt for your donation.



Wouldn’t it be easier to just look away and ignore the problems that exist in our world? If you share this opinion, this website is definitely not for you. However, if in your eyes, helpfulness and sympathy are virtues to strive for, then take a few moments of your time because: “Not the things I possess are my true riches but the things I have given away to others.“ Since the early days, we at Human Plus have committed ourselves to this principle with our hearts and with our souls. Providing fast and efficient help without the red tape – this has always been our objective. But we can only fulfil this promise with your cooperation. We are counting on you!


From the One-Man-Show…

As early as 1998, our current chief executive at Human Plus, Anestis Ioannidis, began with the humanitarian aid projects to help people in need in Greece. Out of the blue, a devastating earthquake struck the Aegean in 1999, claiming tens of thousands of human lives and leaving hundreds of thousands without a home or personal possessions. Even the most essential things such as clothing, food and bandages were no longer available. Anestis Ioannidis knew straightaway: “I’ve got to go and help!” In the same year, another, smaller earthquake occurred in Greece – and again Anestis Ioannidis committed himself to help the families of the 130 victims and the thousands of homeless people.

…to a humanitarian world organisation

Only some months later, Anestis Ioannidis already found himself in a position where he could win many companies as partners. With their support, the amount of relief supplies could be significantly increased, making aid itself more goal-oriented. Cooperating with the SDO (Solidarity Development Organization), one of the leading aid organisations in Greece, the aid activities could be considerably intensified and extended to other countries from 2002 onwards. In 2004, an independent organisation was founded and registered together with the SDO; shortly afterwards it was approved as a charity. At the end of 2006, the registered organisation Human Plus emerged from this collaboration, with headquarters in Nettetal in the Lower Rhine Region. Around the same time, subsidiaries were founded under the governing body Human Plus in the Greek cities of Athens and Thessaloniki. Further branches in Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA are currently being developed or at the planning stage.


The Way we are going.

The reason we founded Human Plus was not to create yet another charity. And it wasn’t because those responsible at Human Plus wished to fulfil their own desires. No. Human Plus was founded because all over the world there are people who desperately need help. And our job at Human Plus is to help these people. All members and partners of Human Plus have put their life and soul into this objective. They help through their personal commitment as well as by donating goods and money. Human Plus helps anywhere, Human Plus helps anyone. In the humanitarian aid sector, individual features such as skin colour, nationality, age, sex and family background must be completely irrelevant. Above all, our mission at Human Plus embraces two core tasks.

Fast Aid

Human Plus helps victims of social, economic and war evils. The same applies to people who suffer distress as a result of natural disasters. Thanks to its lean personnel structure, Human Plus can act flexibly and individually without the often debilitating bureaucratic and administrative ties. Because when people are in distress, one thing is of tantamount importance: our help must get there fast.

Development Assistance

For us at Human Plus, however, our commitment in the area of development assistance is equally important as fast aid. We at Human Plus understand this to mean “Helping others to help themselves”. This is not just about financial or material assistance. In fact, we strive to make sustainable improvements to the local living conditions. In order to provide sustained aid, it is essential that educational opportunities be created, modern medical care be provided and, of course, that the government as well as the industrial companies in a particular country will support our cause in the long run. Because development assistance can only provide the initial spark!

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