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Crucial to the survival of an organisation such as Human Plus are well-known and reliable spokespeople. In terms of Human Plus e.V., such ambassadors are outstanding personalities, who will keep fighting for the “good cause” and who will lend our organisation a prestigious face, anytime and anywhere. Our ambassadors always use their special position in the economy, the sciences, the media, in politics, sports or culture to lobby for people in need. They employ their extensive relationship networks, their know-how and their experience to emphasise the need for humanitarian aid and to appeal for generous help.

Since 2014 Mr. Karl-Christian Storz, from Storz, has been an ambassador for Human Plus. From its beginnings in 1945, the company Storz has developed into a worldwide company in the manufacture and sale of endoscopes, medical instruments and devices.


Sponsoring – the term is associated with large sums of money that companies invest in sports professionals or celebrities in order to increase their own popularity. Because at the end of the day, sponsoring always goes hand in hand with economic interests. Not so at Human Plus e.V. We are looking for people who won’t help merely in return for self-promotion. On the contrary, Human Plus sponsors stand out as their horizons extend far beyond their own personal needs. Our sponsors are conscious of their own skills and means which enable them to help other people.

As a sponsor, it does not matter if you support Human Plus by donating money or goods. There are as many different ways to help as there are many different people behind the sponsors. For example, a freight forwarder who offers us cargo space to ship our relief supplies makes as valuable a contribution as a producer of textiles or medical equipment who supports us with clothing or medicines. You too can help to improve the living conditions of people in need all over the world and to put a smile on those sad faces. We need you!


Giving doesn’t mean doing without

Milk lake and butter mountain – anyone will have heard of these buzz words. Have you ever wondered what actually happens to the overproduction, the phase-out models or the promotion batches? Before you, dear managers, destroy or discard these goods, please take a moment to think if there isn’t a more sensible and also noble use for them. By supporting Human Plus with material donations from your dead stocks, not only the poor, but also you and your company will reap immense benefits. In fact, you will be a double winner: not only will you enhance the public reputation of your company. You will also receive a tax allowance receipt for the goods you donated – to the amount of the real nominal value declared by you for these goods. Now isn’t this a really meaningful alternative to cost-intensive destruction?

“Do good and we will surely make it known”

Not even the most expensive advertising campaign can compete with being personally recommended by familiar faces. We intensely practise this kind of “social marketing” in our large circle of contacts.

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